Friday, 7 October 2016

Inktober 2016. ME Week 1.

Every October, artists from all over the world take on the Inktober 
drawing challenge buy doing one ink drawing a day for the entire month. 
This year I've set myself a personal project to coincide 
with this wonderful creative event.

On each day during October, I will be drawing a scene from
 my local area: The Medway Towns in Kent. I was born, and still live, 
in Gillingham and I thought that this years Inktober would provide me
 a golden opportunity to celebrate and explore my surroundings. 
All of the places I have drawn hold some kind of significance for me.

 Why is the project titled 'ME'? 
Because ME is the postcode for the Medway Towns;
it also stands for 'me' as a person.

All of my images are posted daily on my instagram
and twitter accounts.

If you are from The Medway Towns, hopefully you will 
recognise some of my sketches. If not, Welcome to Medway. 

Chatham Naval Memorial

Fort Darnet

Old Town Hall and Mountbatten House, Chatham

Farthing Corner Medway Services

St Thomas of Canterbury Church

Horrid Hill

Figure Head of HMS Wellesley, Chatham Dockyard.

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