Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel: Money Never Weeps.

Here's the opening page of a comic strip I recently drew for a 
fantastic comic book called The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel
Money never weeps (written by Derek Hamill) is my first comic
strip in over two years and I enjoyed every second of drawing it.
I highly recommend the latest issue (#6) of The Psychedelic Journal as 
it's packed with collection of incredibly talented writers and artists, 
whom I'm very proud to be rubbing shoulders with. There isn't a dull 
story to be found within this highly entertaining publication.
To find out what happens next in the story, treat yourself and
purchase a copy of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel #6,
which can be obtained at the Comicsy  website, here.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Countdown to Halloween Post-It Doodles.

During the build up to this year's Halloween, I quickly doodled 
a Halloween themed drawing onto a Post-it note and posted them on 
my twitter and instagram account on a daily basis. Great fun!
Here they are all collected together.