Monday, 17 November 2014

Story Illustration: Cipher.

Here's my illustration for Sally Willow's short story, Cipher.
To read this fascinating story and to find out more about
Sally, head over to her blog here.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Wormgler: Act One.

Every October, artists take on the inktober drawing challenge by creating one ink drawing a day.

This year, I couldn't help myself from taking part in this wonderful event.
I had a very loose idea for a sequential story and during my 'coffee breaks', whilst 
working on various projects, I'd draw an image a day which I would post daily on my
 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Each instalment would, eventually, tell the tale of The Wormgler.

It was great fun to do and I'm overwhelmed at how popular the story became.

Unfortunately, I unable to complete the story within the 31 days as I went away on a family holiday.
Also, The Wormgler developed a strange life of it's own and it became a bigger story 
than I originally anticipated.

So, I've divided my tale into two separate acts. Act Two starts today (2/11/14), 
which you can follow on my social media accounts (see links below).

Here is all of The Wormgler: Act One collected together (Parts 1-22).
I hope that you enjoy it and that you stick around for Act Two.


Twitter: @DavidFrankum
Instagram: davidfrankum