Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy Christmas 2014.

2014 has proved to be yet another busy and fruitful year.
 It's been an absolute pleasure to work in so many different 
aspects of art and design along side such wonderful people.
Thank you all for your kind support, lovely comments, likes, 
shares, tweets and such like. Once again, I salute you all.
I wish you a very Happy Christmas and 
all the best in the New Year.
David x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Story Illustration: Cipher.

Here's my illustration for Sally Willow's short story, Cipher.
To read this fascinating story and to find out more about
Sally, head over to her blog here.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Wormgler: Act One.

Every October, artists take on the inktober drawing challenge by creating one ink drawing a day.

This year, I couldn't help myself from taking part in this wonderful event.
I had a very loose idea for a sequential story and during my 'coffee breaks', whilst 
working on various projects, I'd draw an image a day which I would post daily on my
 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Each instalment would, eventually, tell the tale of The Wormgler.

It was great fun to do and I'm overwhelmed at how popular the story became.

Unfortunately, I unable to complete the story within the 31 days as I went away on a family holiday.
Also, The Wormgler developed a strange life of it's own and it became a bigger story 
than I originally anticipated.

So, I've divided my tale into two separate acts. Act Two starts today (2/11/14), 
which you can follow on my social media accounts (see links below).

Here is all of The Wormgler: Act One collected together (Parts 1-22).
I hope that you enjoy it and that you stick around for Act Two.


Twitter: @DavidFrankum
Instagram: davidfrankum

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Wormgler.

The Wormgler Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

As part of #inktober, I've decided to produce a daily comic strip/ webcomic called The Wormgler.
Every day, I will spend 15-20 minutes drawing a panel and then post each instalment of the story 
on my Twitter and Instagram feed. I hope that all you follow and enjoy the intriguing tale of
The Wormgler.

To follow The Wormgler, look for daily updates here...
(click on links below).
Twitter: @DavidFrankum
Instagram: davidfrankum

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Blank Variant Cover Commission: The Dark Judges Versus The Fantastic Four.

This was fun to draw!
John Burdis asked me to draw The Fantastic Four being defeated
by the Dark Judges (as seen in the Judge Dredd comic strip).
I've always wanted to draw the Fantastic Four.
I've always wanted to draw the Dark Judges.
What could be better?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Strangelands & Troublesome Things: Out Now!

Strangelands & Troublesome Things contains 15 illustrations and a cover, all drawn by me.
I'm pleased to announce that Strangelands & Troublesome Things: Chapters 1-3 
(written by Saraha Coe) has now been published and is available to buy. 
Already, the novel has proved to be very popular, receiving some great reviews. 

The Amazon Kindle version (ASIN: B00KKU4MUE) can be bought at this link:
The print version (ISBN: 9781784078744), published by Feed A Read, can be bought at this link: 

Within the next few weeks, the novel will also be available through and Barnes & Noble (US); Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones (UK); Amazon Europe; and (Australia). We have worked very hard to try and keep the price of the book at the lowest possible so that we can make it accessible to everyone and affordable to you all.

Once you have read (and hopefully enjoyed) the book, please could you kindly leave a review, even if it's just a few sentences long. This will hopefully help to build an audience. Most importantly, the feedback will help us enormously when putting the rest of the novel together. So please be honest.
Thank you kindly.

More information can be obtained from the Orange Tick website:

Well... what are you waiting for?... Welcome to Strangelands & Troublesome Things. Enjoy!
Saraha and David

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tintin/ Twin Peaks Crossover.

"The owls are not what they seem, Snowy"
I love Tintin. I love Twin Peaks. I couldn't help myself from mixing the
two together for a bit of fun. I've no doubt that Snowy loves a slice
(or two) of cherry pie.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Strangelands & Troublesome Things: Illustration preview.

Here's another one of my illustrations for Saraha Coe's novel,
Strangelands & Troublesome Things which is to be released on the 25th of July, 2014.
Please stay tuned to the official facebook page or the Orange Tick website for further details.
Thank you.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Ocean Life.

It emerged from the dark depths of the ocean...
I'm not entirely sure what I have drawn here. 
I'll let you decide.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Star Wars: Tusken Raider.

This piece was originally drawn for the Weekly Themed Art Blogthe theme of the week being 
Star Wars. I can vividly remember seeing Star Wars at the cinema when it first came out. It was an incredibly exciting experience. I don't think I blinked once throughout the film. I think that it's fair to say that Star Wars left a huge impression on me, I didn't stop drawing scenes from the film for months, even years, afterwards. Anyway, the Tusken Raiders were my favourite characters and when this opportunity to draw one came along, well, I just couldn't resist.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Strangelands & Troublesome Things: Book Cover.

Here's my cover design for the forthcoming novel, Strangelands & Troublesome Things
This captivating story also contains fifteen of my illustrations. Strangelands is to be published as a printed book as well as being available on the kindle. Please stay tuned for the release date by visiting the official Facebook page or by returning here for updates. Thank you.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Influence Map.

I've seen quite a few of these pop up on the internet and thought I'd
have a go at creating one. I found it quite tricky to whittle down my long 
list of those who I admire and in one way or another have influenced me, not just 
with their style and techniques but in their way of thinking and approach as well. 
Here's my top 11 (it was supposed to be 10).

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Blank Variant Cover Commission: Wolverine #1 (Sabretooth).

I thoroughly enjoy drawing on 'blank variant covers' especially when I get the opportunity
 to draw characters that I have never illustrated before. Wolverine's nemesis, Sabretooth, was
 an absolute joy to draw. This particular cover was a commission for Martin Blunt and
 I'm extremely proud to be part of his wonderful collection.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Strangelands and Troublesome Things Facebook Page.

A novel I'm currently illustrating, now has it's own official Facebook page.
Strangelands & Troublesome Things is a highly captivating story 
written by the incredibly talented Saraha Jane Coe

The first three chapters, featuring (roughly) fifteen of my illustrations,
is due to be released for FREE on the kindle in May.
The novel will also be available in other formats.

Look no further for release dates, new illustrations, information and updates.
Please feel free to take a look, 'like', share and enjoy!

As ever, thank you for your wonderful support.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Thirty Kroner Kincaid. Page 1.

Thirty Kroner Kincaid Page 1. 
Here's my opening page to Thirty Kroner Kincaid as seen in 
Massacre For Boys: Picture Library, which is now available to buy.
This World War Two story is, in many ways, a homage to the
"A True Story of Men at War" strips that appeared in the pages of The Victor comic.
 This highly entertaining tale (written by Chris Denton) is actually a true story.
Would you want to be in Captain Kincaid's boots?
Well, I'll let you decide...

Massacre For Boys: Picture Library can be bought at the MFB online shop, for £4.
Both print and digital copies can also be bought at the Comicsy store.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Massacre For Boys: Picture Library. Out Now!

My cover for Massacre For Boys: Picture Library. Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.
I'm both thrilled and excited to announce that Massacre For Boys: Picture Library is now out to buy.
This fabulous publication was successfully launched at this years London Super Comic Convention.
Chris Denton (editor/ writer) and Steven 'Department of Monsterology' Denton (editor/ artist) and I all featured at this high profile event, and Picture Library was enthusiastically received, and sold very well (thank you to everyone who came to visit us).

Not only did I illustrate the cover to this superb comic, but I also drew a three page strip titled
 'Thirty Kroner Kincaid' (there'll be a preview in my next post). Picture Library features some of the best talents in the small press comic industry and contains an astounding collection of stories. 
Here's the running order...

Walking Wounded Emu War: The Bug Guns
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Bhuna. Letters: Bolt-01.
The Crusader: Spoonful of Jam
Script: Chris Denton. Art & Letters: Bolt-01. Colours: Nathan Webb.
The Zen Fusilier: Hue and Cry
Script: Greg Meldrum. Art & Letters: John Caliber.
Bosher's Goals: Bosher for England
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Steven Denton. Letters: Nikki Foxrobot.
Thirty Kroner Kincaid
Script: Chris Denton. Art: David Frankum. Letters: Nikki Foxrobot.
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Steven Denton.
The Boys From Bashley
 Script: Tim West. Art: David Herstal. Colours: John Caliber. Letters: Bolt-01.
Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker: The Crossover
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Owen Watts. Letters: Bolt-01.

Picture Library is Massacre For Boys' biggest comic to date, not just in size, but in quality, production and talent; an anthology positively full of professionalism and high entertainment. 
Once again, I feel extremely proud and privileged to be part of the gang and to be amongst 
such great talent. Grab yourself a copy and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 
This comic is here for you to... Enjoy!

Massacre For Boys: Picture Library can be bought at the MFB online shop, for £4.
Both print and digital copies can also be bought at the Comicsy store.
High quality limited edition art prints of my cover are available to buy. 
To purchase any prints, please contact me here.
Thank you for your continued support.

Massacre For Boys at the London Super Comic Convention 2014.
L-R: Steven Denton, Chris Denton, myself (also featuring Paulina Vassileva).