Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Massacre For Boys: Picture Library. Out Now!

My cover for Massacre For Boys: Picture Library. Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.
I'm both thrilled and excited to announce that Massacre For Boys: Picture Library is now out to buy.
This fabulous publication was successfully launched at this years London Super Comic Convention.
Chris Denton (editor/ writer) and Steven 'Department of Monsterology' Denton (editor/ artist) and I all featured at this high profile event, and Picture Library was enthusiastically received, and sold very well (thank you to everyone who came to visit us).

Not only did I illustrate the cover to this superb comic, but I also drew a three page strip titled
 'Thirty Kroner Kincaid' (there'll be a preview in my next post). Picture Library features some of the best talents in the small press comic industry and contains an astounding collection of stories. 
Here's the running order...

Walking Wounded Emu War: The Bug Guns
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Bhuna. Letters: Bolt-01.
The Crusader: Spoonful of Jam
Script: Chris Denton. Art & Letters: Bolt-01. Colours: Nathan Webb.
The Zen Fusilier: Hue and Cry
Script: Greg Meldrum. Art & Letters: John Caliber.
Bosher's Goals: Bosher for England
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Steven Denton. Letters: Nikki Foxrobot.
Thirty Kroner Kincaid
Script: Chris Denton. Art: David Frankum. Letters: Nikki Foxrobot.
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Steven Denton.
The Boys From Bashley
 Script: Tim West. Art: David Herstal. Colours: John Caliber. Letters: Bolt-01.
Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker: The Crossover
Script: Chris Denton. Art: Owen Watts. Letters: Bolt-01.

Picture Library is Massacre For Boys' biggest comic to date, not just in size, but in quality, production and talent; an anthology positively full of professionalism and high entertainment. 
Once again, I feel extremely proud and privileged to be part of the gang and to be amongst 
such great talent. Grab yourself a copy and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 
This comic is here for you to... Enjoy!

Massacre For Boys: Picture Library can be bought at the MFB online shop, for £4.
Both print and digital copies can also be bought at the Comicsy store.
High quality limited edition art prints of my cover are available to buy. 
To purchase any prints, please contact me here.
Thank you for your continued support.

Massacre For Boys at the London Super Comic Convention 2014.
L-R: Steven Denton, Chris Denton, myself (also featuring Paulina Vassileva).

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Blank Variant Covers.

Here's a collection of Blank Variant Covers I have drawn.
All of these will be on display during my appearance at the 
London Super Comic Convention, which will be held at the
Excel centre, London, on the 15th & 16th of March.
I can be found at table D108.