Sunday, 23 February 2014

Strangelands and Troublesome Things: Exclusive look.

Here's one of my illustrations for Saraha Coe's novel, Strangelands and Troublesome Things;
there's still a little bit of tinkering to do, but it's pretty much there. Saraha and I don't wish to say 
too much about this piece or the characters as we're trying not to give too much away at this stage 
but, in total, fourteen illustrations have been produced for the first three chapters of the book and 
we're aiming to release chapters 1-3 in late spring/ early summer, with the rest of the book coming 
out towards the end of the year. As you can imagine, we're both very excited at the prospect.
I'll be showcasing more illustrations from the book during my appearance at the 
London Super Comic Convention (table D108) at the 
Excel Centre, Londonon the 15th & 16th of March.
Please stay tuned, both here and on Saraha's blog, for further exciting news 
and updates on Strangelands and Troublesome Things.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Announcement: London Super Comic Convention 2014.

I am both thrilled and excited to announce that I will be appearing at the largest comic convention 
in UK, The London Super Comic Convention.

The event takes place at the Excel Centre, London, on the 15th & 16th of March.

The convention hosts some of the biggest names/publishers in the industry from all around the globe, as well as an excellent collection of indie creators.

I will be there alongside Chris Denton, the editor of Massacre For Boys comics. 
As some of you will know, Chris and I have collaborated on several well received projects.
 It's an absolute honour for us both to be invited to this wonderful event and, as you can imagine, 
we're both extremely excited at the prospect.

Chris will be launching his latest Massacre for Boys comic "Picture Library" at the convention.
As well as illustrating the cover for this exciting new addition to their library, I've also managed to get a story drawn by yours truly in it too, Thirty Kroner Kincaid (more of which later).

My cover for Picture Library. Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.
And what will I be doing there?
 Well, I'll be selling some of my artwork and limited edition prints, drawing, sketching and promoting various projects that I have been and am currently working on as well showcasing artwork for a novel I'm currently illustrating, Strangelands and Troublesome Things (written by Saraha Coe). 

Myself and Chris are also delighted to announce that we'll also be selling the last few remaining
 copies of the 2000AD fanzine, Drokk. This highly received comic features a cover drawn by myself
and the story Savage Zenith, which both myself and Chris collaborated on.

But, it's not all about 'me'; the list of creative people who will be featuring at the show is constantly 
 growing and it's a showcase of talent. It's beautifully diverse and there will definitely be something for everyone of all ages.

To find out more, please head over to the official London Super Comic Convention website.

I look forward to seeing you all there, thank you for your kind support.


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Photo A Day: January

Something slightly different. 
Via a friend, I was put onto this fun project. Basically, a list is produced on the
  Fat Mum Slim website and you have to take a photograph according to the subject set 
for each particular day of the month. Fun, huh?
Here are all of my photographs, for January, put together. 
All of the above photographs were taken on my mobile phone
 and shared on Instagram and Twitter.

Right, let's start February's photographs...