Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Wormgler: Out Now.

I'm thrilled to announce that my book, The Wormgler
has now been published. To purchase a signed copy, 
please head over to my shop or contact me via email.
Thank you for your kind support.

David Frankum presents The Wormgler, a tale of hope, of the 
balance between light and dark and the mysteries within ourselves 
and the universe. It raises questions about our place in the world, 
but leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions.
Each beautifully illustrated panel is cleverly constructed,
 with its unique style belying the powerful themes within.
 Thought provoking and uplifting, each viewing of 
The Wormgler offers something new to discover.
Originally presented one panel per day via Twitter, this publication 
collects The Wormgler into a very special limited edition volume.
With a foreword written by Sebastian Stobbs (Conquer Gear) and
an afterword by Liz Norman (Frothy Betty).

Page One of The Wormgler.