Saturday, 21 March 2015

Poetry Illustration: Daydream in the scanner.

Daydream in the scanner by Stephanie Stanton.

He was enchanted
with the perfect alignment
of edges; the firm pressure
of a thumbnail scraping
a crease of sharp permanence

Then she continued;
'Be generous with your colours
Be wild,unrestrained
in your selection. These are to be wings
of randomness and chance'

He is intimidated
by the necessity for strict alignment
The head restraint's pressure
forcing him to be perfectly still.
The muffled tapping making his memory flutter...

'Oh look, I see a face
Not a butterfly, a face
I believe it is a man's face;
wide and strong, poking out a forked tongue'
He recalls their shared laughter

Then they continue
making picture after picture
revealing colourful hemispheres
with each pressing
butterfly after butterfly.

One is pinned
measured and marked
There are but hushed mutterings
A damage - fragile wing dust
A sullied half

© Stephanie Stanton.

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