Thursday, 31 October 2013

Drokk #1 Cover.

Lettering by Bolt-01 (Dave Evans)
Here's my cover for Drokk #1 (published by FutureQuake Press/ Zarjaz).
This cover features two of 2000AD's most popular characters Zenith and Bill Savage.
The cover accompanies a story called 'Savage Zenith', which is written by Chris Denton.
I had the privilege to illustrate this exciting story, which you can read within the cover
of this fantastic publication.

Drokk also includes a 'A making of the cover' feature, a little insight on how I work,
and five other stories based on the characters from the Galaxy's Greatest Comic,
2000AD, written and drawn by some of the finest talents around.

To order a copy of Drokk #1, head over to the FutureQuake Shop here,
or pop along to the Comicsy shop for the digital version.


And here's a version without the lettering.

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