Sunday, 22 September 2013

Strangelands & Troublesome Things: Character Study.

While I've been working on the illustrations for Saraha Coe's novel, Strangelands & Troublesome Things, it occurred to me that I hadn't fully addressed this particular character (whose role in the story shall remain a secret for now). He pretty much appeared just as a scribble in my composition roughs. Recently, I put some time aside to develop this nameless (for now) individual. As you can see, there are slight changes to his appearance as myself and Saraha work on translating his personality from the story's text into an image, refining his visual identity and characteristics in a way we'd like to present him to the readers.

Progress on Strangelands & Troublesome Things is going very well. I had to take a short break from this exciting project as I had to attend to art duties elsewhere (stay tuned, folks). To keep up with the latest developments on Saraha's novel, please revisit, follow me on Twitter and be sure to check out Saraha's blog. Thank you.

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