Monday, 15 April 2013

Dredd kills the (e)X-Men.

Hee! Hee! This was fun to draw. 
While I was a guest at the recent Demoncon Comic Convention (in Maidstone), John 'Judge' Burdis came up to my table and presented me with a 'blank variant' covered comic book (in this case, an X-Men comic). John asked me to sketch Judge Dredd killing any member (my choice) of the X-Men. I must admit, I had a great time drawing this image... I've never been that fond of Cyclops. Burdis, is currently collecting a series of these covers, with Dredd working his way through all of the X-Men. I'd love to draw more of these 'blank' covers... I think I will. Great fun!

John 'Judge' Burdis with his 'Dredd kills the X-Men'
(or rather Ex-Men) variant cover.
Please check out John's superb 'Cellar of Dredd' blog.

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